Jacques Harvey was born in Paris, France in 1939. He lived in the United States for thirty years where he acquired his American citizenship. At the age of seventeen he was accepted at the Academie Julian where Masters such as Matisse and Bonnard had also studied their passion for art. Upon graduation, Jacques Harvey spent several years traveling Europe, dedicating his time to learning the discipline of the Masters, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and many more. 
Jacques Harvey has over the years acquired a vast library that spans over two thousand of the world's greatest artist and over 500 years of their work.
Jacques paintings have been represented in many prominent Galleries in both Europe and the United States; in addition he has sold several thousands of his paintings both original and commisionned recreations to art enthusiasts around the world.   


World renowned collectors past and present

Charles Aznavour, Daniel Azoulay, George Barry, Richard Burton, Samy Cahn, President Jacques Chirac, James Coburn, Alain Delon, Black Edwards, Doddy al Fayed, S.A.S Fuad, Gary Grand, Johnny Hallyday, Adnan Kashoggi, Gene Kelly, Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Grace of Monaco, Yves Montand, Garry Morton and Lucile Ball, Tony Murray, Spirou Niarachos, Aristotle Onassis, Robert Pascal, Jorge Perez, Line Renaud, Harold Robbins, Wayne Rogers, Diana Ross, Sebastien Roussel, Dany Softer, Walter Standiger, Jacqueline Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonard Toboroff, Roger Vadim, Sylvie Vartan, Gerard De Villiers, Jerry Weintraub, Bruce Willis, Richard D Zanuck…